LADA Diabetes Stories

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Everyone’s experience with diabetes is different. I love reading others’ experiences. I often find similarities between my story and the story others who have LADA Diabetes.

Zoe’s Story: A Type 2 Misdiagnosis, Coming to Terms with LADA, and Launching the Type 1 Women’s Group

In her 50s, Zoe was diagnosed as having Type 2, but actually found out that she had LADA. She lost weight without even trying to, and needed insulin to lower her blood glucose. Additionally, she had a low c-peptide and a thyroid autoimmune disease. Read Zoe’s story.

A Lada Thoughts by T’ara Smith

T’ara talks about misdiagnosis and her struggle with her diabetes identity. She was initially diagnosed as Type 2 and prescribed Metformin and long acting insulin. Despite following a good diet and exercise, her blood glucose spiked, and then that’s when her diagnosis switched to LADA / Type 1.

At 40, a Surprising Diagnosis: Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults

Read Manny’s story about being diagnosed with LADA diabetes and treating the illness as his body lowered its own insulin production. First, he was prescribed Metformin, and then basal insulin, and then bolus insulin. And then after that he started using an insulin pump.


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