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Purple Asparagus

Amazing Asparagus

I bought some purple Asparagus at the farmer’s market recently, and was amazed by its taste. I started researching the health benefits and was surprised to find that it was very beneficial. Asparagus is very low carb, so it’s the perfect side dish that won’t require much, if any, additional insulin, nor should it cause… Continue Reading

Ketosens Ketone Meter

Adding a Ketone Meter to my Diabetes Supplies

Ketones are a type of chemical produced in the liver when it breaks down fat for energy. When left unchecked, these ketones can begin to accumulate in the body, leading to a life-threatening condition known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). DKA is particularly dangerous for people with Type 1 Diabetes, as their bodies are unable to… Continue Reading

Welch's Fruit Snacks

Fruit Snacks are my new Favorite Low Treatment

I always have something in my pocket to treat low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and my new favorite thing is Welch’s Fruit Snacks. Since I use insulin to treat my diabetes, getting low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) is always a possibility. Low blood glucose is a medical emergency — but one that can be solved quickly with… Continue Reading

LADA Diabetes Experiences

Rainbow over the ocean

Diabetes and Mood, some thoughts on feeling happier

This post is about how to try to change your mindset so that diabetes doesn’t make you depressed. If you are already depressed, please look for help — take care of your mental health. It’s important. Mental health goes hand in hand with diabetes health — You are one person, and must take care of… Continue Reading


Diabetic Supplies

Bill showing amount due

Did you know about the “Prompt Pay” discount?

Since being diagnosed with LADA Diabetes, medical bills have become commonplace.  My finances these days include paying all kinds of medical bills — bills for doctor visits, bills for labwork, and for medical durable supplies like an insulin pump.  Not to mention that I’ve become a regular at my local pharmacy, and also get mail… Continue Reading

A close up photo of the Humalog Junior Insulin Pen showing half unit measurements that can be dialed in.

I like the JUNIOR version of the Humalog Insulin Pen!

I have a fondness for the Junior version of the Humalog Insulin Pen.  I asked my doctor for it because it allows for measuring half units of insulin, which the regular humalog insulin pens don’t have as an option. I like it because it allows for injecting a dose like 1.5 or 2.5 units instead… Continue Reading

One Touch Verio Glucose Meter with Test Strips

One Touch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter Review

Seven years into my LADA diabetes journey, I’ve now used about 7 different blood glucose meters.  Tech improvements keep making them better.  The one I’m currently using is the One Touch Verio Flex Blood Glucose Meter.  It’s the first meter I’ve owned that has bluetooth and a mobile app (for both Android and iPhone). I… Continue Reading

Insulin & Food

Medtronic Minimed 670G Insulin Pump

Sugar Surfing with my Insulin Pump’s Manual Mode

I use the Medtronic Minimed 670G Insulin Pump, which has two different systems. It has both an “Auto mode” and a “Manual mode.” I started using auto mode after using the pump for 1 week. My trainer taught me how to use auto mode and I was instructed to stay in auto mode most of… Continue Reading

Salad on a plate

Hamburger Salad for Me; Hamburgers for my family

I am proud of the Hamburger Salad I made for myself. Not eating a bun with my hamburger really helped with keeping my blood glucose more stable. I ate some fries, but this was a 30-carb meal instead of a 70-carb meal, all because I didn’t eat a bun. I could bolus less and didn’t… Continue Reading

More thoughts on diabetes

Freestyle Libre 14 Day Reader Graph Shows I was High a lot

Preventing CGM Induced Anxiety

Anxiety is a common experience for many of us with diabetes.  The feeling of anxiety can be a symptom of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).   But we can also get anxiety because we are anxious about things in our lives — for example, being anxious about diabetes! This article is about anxiety that may be related… Continue Reading

Christmas Tree Painting

Gift ideas for People with Diabetes

Are you looking for a gift for someone with diabetes?  Here, I’ll compile a few of my thoughts.  Since being diagnosed with diabetes about five years ago, I’ve received some gifts that were chosen because I’m diabetic. Truthfully, what to buy someone with diabetes could be answered with:  Buy them something that they’ll like.  Just… Continue Reading

Medical Insurance Explanation of Benefits Paperwork

How I disputed a Medical Bill

a surprise bill Five years after being diagnosed with diabetes, and two years after starting insulin for it, I moved across the state.  I researched the area I was moving to and set up an appointment with an endocrinologist.  There was only one endocrinologist in 300 miles and they were scheduling new patients 9 months out. … Continue Reading

Picture of Freestyle Libre showing low glucose events

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), people experience it differently

What does hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) feel like? One of my “learned skills” from having diabetes is recognizing when I may have hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia is defined as a blood glucose reading less than [bgl]70[/bgl]. When the body’s glucose level drops, the body pumps out the hormone adrenaline, which causes a whole… Continue Reading

What is MDI? (Diabetes acronym)

What is MDI? MDI stands for “multiple daily injections.” People who need to use insulin for treating their diabetes can do so using an insulin pump or performing injections. Most people who take insulin using injections will need to do them multiple times each day.  Most commonly, they take one or two shots of long… Continue Reading

3 Challenges of Carb Counting and Tracking Everything you Eat

Image Credit: “Three Stack”by cogdogblog is licensed under CC0 1.0   I’ve noticed that I can achieve better glucose control if I track the number of carbs that I eat.  But, that’s hard to do. 3 Challenges 1. Distraction / Forget Sometimes, I just forget.  I get distracted and eat something without thinking about measuring… Continue Reading

Weight Loss as a symptom of LADA Diabetes

I lost over 50 pounds in the two years leading up to my diabetes diagnosis.  I didn’t know that the weight loss was a symptom of anything going wrong.  I had previously struggled with unexplained weight gain, so unexplained weight loss I welcomed. The Mayo clinic maintains a page listing potential causes of unexplained weight… Continue Reading

The positive side of my diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes makes life harder. The day to day work of treating diabetes is tiring.  Anyone dealing with diabetes knows how much careful work it takes every day. Yet, when I look at my own personal diabetes story and how getting it has changed me life, it’s not all bad.  There are positive things about it,… Continue Reading

High blood sugar at night after going low in the evening

Happy Saturday!  Today I woke up, looked at my Freestyle Libre sensor, and saw that I had high blood glucose for much of the night.  This is a disappointing way to start my day.  If you monitor your overnight glucose with a Continuous Glucose Monitor like the Freestyle Libre 14 Day system or a Dexcom… Continue Reading

What are your diabetes goals?

I’ve been described as a very “goal oriented” person, so since having diabetes, I’ve formulated my own personal goals based on my research and experience. In this blog post, I’m mostly going to talk about what my goals are and why.  If you are looking for guidelines on things like A1C numbers, fasting blood glucose… Continue Reading

Buying an Insulin Pump

I’m going to buy an insulin pump.  Yesterday I just said “yes” on the phone and I received a UPS tracking number. Welcome to real adulthood.  I am 36 years old and this is my first time spending $4000 (out of pocket) on a piece of durable medical equipment. There are feelings about this.   When… Continue Reading