Thriving with LADA Diabetes: From Misdiagnosis to Failed Pancreas

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

The LADA Diabetes Journey

From one patient to another

How to contact me

Chapter Two: The LADA Difference

Type 1 versus Type 2 Diabetes

LADA or Type 1.5 Diabetes

Potential for Misdiagnosis

Getting a Correct Diagnosis

The Body Weight Connection

Chapter Three: A Brief Intro to the Biology of Diabetes

Glucose Balance


Sweet Urine

Diabetic Ketoacidosis

Chapter Four: My Story

My “I have Diabetes” Aha Moment

My Personal Misdiagnosis Story

Chapter Five: The Unofficial Stages of the LADA Diabetes Journey

Before Diabetes


Honeymoon Period

Highly Insulin Sensitive

Just Like Type 1

Chapter Six: Why Treating Diabetes is Worth It

Long Term Health

The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)

Chapter Seven: Coping with Diabetes Stress

Why Diabetes is so Stressful

What you can do about the Stress

Chapter Eight: Monitoring your Blood Glucose

Become an Expert at Checking your Glucose

Choosing the right Glucose Meter

How to use a Blood Glucose Meter

When to Check your Blood Glucose

How to Interpret the Blood Glucose Result

Blood Glucose Numbers

What is a normal result?

Chapter Nine: A CGM is Life Changing

Using a Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM)

CGM Tips

Chapter Ten: Understanding the Effect of Diet

Deciding on the Best Diet Changes for Yourself

Protein helps with balance

Heart Healthy Fats

Fiber is your Friend

Our Food Environment

Chapter Eleven: Real World Carb Counting

Intro to Counting Carbs

Reading Nutrition Labels

Memorizing which foods aren’t carbs

Foods that don’t require any insulin

Chapter Twelve: Trade Offs for the Food We Love

Continue to Enjoy the Foods you Love

Replace some key foods

Finding the right meal size and frequency

Enjoying Bread and Baked Goods

Find a low carb drink you enjoy

Alternatives to Breakfast Cereal


Anything can become a Salad

Chapter Thirteen: Embracing Insulin

Insulin, the solution that works

Discovery of Insulin

Basal and Bolus Insulin

Special Considerations for LADA Diabetes

Chapter Fourteen: Managing and Preventing Low Blood Glucose


Hypoglycemia Symptoms

Fast Sugars for Low Blood Glucose

Chapter Fifteen: Insulin Pumps

From MDI to Insulin Pump

Why I Love My Insulin Pump

What an Insulin Pump Really Is

The Transition from Insulin Shots to Insulin Pump

How to Do Unreasonable Math

Wrangling Infusion Set Failure

All About Calibration

Limitations of Auto Mode

Take Precautions when Flying

Tech Failure

Chapter Sixteen: Optimizing your Blood Glucose with Insulin

The A1C Measurement

Focusing on a New Measurement: Time in Range

Bringing Your Glucose into Range


Navigating High Blood Glucose

Watch Out for these Anti-Patterns

Chapter Seventeen: Exercise Makes a Real Impact

Finding an Exercise that Makes you Happy

Finding the best time to Exercise

Chapter Eighteen: Diabetes and Every Day Life

Small Changes are Noticed

Shop and Drop

Gardening and Cleaning

Eating Out, and Fun with Food and Drinks

Recognize your Eating Patterns

How to get a full nights sleep

Doing All of the Things

What kind of day is it?

Chapter Nineteen: Female Hormones and Diabetes

Menstrual Cycle Variation

Chapter Twenty: Whole Body Health

Dental Health

Dealing with Double: Depression and Diabetes

Yeast Infections

Other Autoimmune Disorders

Chapter Twenty-One: Other Things to Know

How to give yourself great advice

Preserving Beta Cell Function

What about Metformin?

Medications to Watch Out For

Being Ready for Emergencies

The future

The Community



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