Using Kinesiology Tape for CGM Tape (alternative adhesive patch solution!)

Kinesiology Tape Roll
Kinesiology Tape is a stretchy tape meant to be applied to the skin.

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If you wear a CGM, you may buy special tape to cover it. Some CGMs come with their own tape. For example, Medtronic’s Guardian CGM comes with oval tape. I’ve already written about alternatives to oval tape. Some people like the oval tape, but a lot of people don’t. I’ve personally found that the oval tape sometimes looses its adhesive and comes loose before the week is up. This is particularly an issue when I’m in a low humidity environment (like in the winter when the furnace is on a lot).

I also don’t particularly like that the oval tape is clear, since sometimes I bleed around my sensor. When I first got my insulin pump, my trainer gave me a roll of grif grips tape which she used to cover up the CGM sensor. I used this roll of tape for a long time, and then reordered more, but then I couldn’t find it available in rolls anymore.

I found that the well known CGM tapes like Grif Grips and Sugar Patches are selling adhesive patches at the cost of $1-$3 a patch! They have lots of fun decorations and there’s nothing wrong with their business model… However, there are lots of skin friendly tapes out there!

Personally, I have a hard time justifying paying $10/month on CGM adhesive patches if I can buy a roll of tape that will last me a year for $6. So, that’s what I did. My husband, who is even more frugal than me, and loves a good bargain, found Kinesiology Tape on Amazon. I had never heard of Kinesiology Tape before, but I researched it and found that it’s used by athletes. It’s tape meant to be applied to the skin. I hesitantly decided to give it a try.

roll of kinesiology tape

Fast forward a month, and we’ve been using this Kinesiology Tape. It sticks to my skin really well. The adhesive stays working longer than the oval tape. It’s easy to cut out an oval shape and apply.

Before trying any new tape on your CGM, you may want to first try it on a different area of skin, just to check to see what your reaction is to it. Everyone is different, and manufacturers/suppliers can change, so I think it’s wise to try it on your skin somewhere else first as a test. Do you react to it? Make sure that it doesn’t cause any skin irritation for you before trying it on the CGM area!

Everyone’s different, but Kinesiology Tape may be a cheap solution for you too. It definitely has turned out to be a good low cost alternative for me! I like saving money!

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