Supply Chain Shortages and Delays; Order Insulin Pump Supplies Early



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You don’t know that you can’t get something until you try to order it.

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused interruptions and delays in the manufacture and transportation of products.

I just placed an order for a replacement Guardian 3 transmitter for my Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump, and was told that they would ship it overnight to me as soon as they get it in — there is a few weeks delay.

Fortunately, my current transmitter is still working. I decided to order a new one because I didn’t want to be without. They are only warranted for a year and the battery has a limited lifetime, so the transmitter will fail, it’s just a question of when. Last year, I had a Guardian 3 transmitter fail and I was without a CGM all weekend. I switched to an expired Freestyle Libre while waiting for the replacement.

The CGM is necessary for my insulin pump’s auto mode to work. Without the integrated CGM, I have to keep a close watch of my blood glucose via finger sticks and it is a lot more stressful for me.

Supply Chain Shortages…. everywhere?

I have a friend who’s car got wrecked and she tried to buy a new car and was told that it would be 6 months.

I have another friend who ordered a manufactured home and it was delayed by about a year.

I know a local bakery who started manufacturing their own chocolate due to cocoa bean shortage. They also had to wait 6 weeks for a machine part replacement.

Last year, Medtronic switched my infusion sets because they were out of the type I had ordered.

What can you do?

Order early, if possible. However, beware of expiration dates. Some things do seem to last past the expiration date, but not everything. See this forum discussion: Too Much of a Good Thing, AKA Hoarding & Expiration Dates

Ask your doctor for alternatives and back up supplies.

You can ask around on diabetes forums and see if someone has the part you need or a suggested alternative. The community is super supportive.

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