Box of Smarties Candy

Smarties Candy for Treating Low Blood Glucose



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Smarties to the Rescue

Medtronic 670G Pump in Auto Mode, showing a glucose of 80 mg/dL and dropping.

Smarties are a “smart” choice for treating low blood glucose (hypoglycemia). They contain Dextrose, which is the same ingredient in glucose tablets. It’s a simple sugar that works very fast to raise blood sugar. I bought a 4 pound box of Smarties on Amazon and today I ate a couple of rolls when I got the alert before going low warnings. Each roll contains 6 grams of carbohydrates and 2 rolls were enough to raise my glucose and prevent hypoglycemia.

A Busy Diabetes Day

Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump Alarm History Screen, showing it alerted me 5 minutes before the low.

Yesterday, I had to prevent hypoglycemia a few times. For whatever reason, I kept trending low. Most likely, this low trend was because of increased activity and perhaps overestimating the amount of carbs in my meals. My Medtronic Minimed 670G Insulin Pump sounds an alarm when it predicts that my blood glucose is going to go low, so I was actually able to prevent a severe low by quick action. Things like pudding and chocolate do work for bringing up blood glucose, but they don’t work as fast as juice, soda, or glucose tabs or glucose gummies. Things that have simple sugar in it without added fats tend to work faster.

I can see a graph of my blood glucose on my pump. This graph shows the readings from the Medtronic Guardian CGM sensor. Here, you can see that it was going low. It beeped and vibrated to warn me.


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