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Open Insulin for All



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Today I found this video on youtube about the Open Insulin project. I’ve heard about it before, but this video really explains the problem and goal well. They envision a world where insulin is made in lots of places.

I dream of a world where everyone can get all of the insulin they need, everywhere, as much as they need. It’s unacceptable that a life saving medication is so hard to obtain that people end up suffering, and even dying, because of inability to buy it. My pharmacist told me that she used to go home and cry because people could not afford their medications. There should be something in place where you can always get your insulin no matter whether you have money or not. And this should be automatic at a pharmacy. People should never be turned away.

Insulin is not optional. It’s something needed every day, every hour of the day. It would only take less than a day without insulin to become sick and have serious health consequences. Maybe even just 4 hours.

I would love to have a machine in my kitchen that makes insulin. They say in this video it would be more likely that labs would make it than individuals, but I can dream.

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