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Every blood glucose test kit comes with a lancing device and lancets. The lancing device is for making a tiny hole in your finger so that you can get a drop of blood for testing.

Above is a photo of the collection of lancing devices I have gathered. Most of them work the same way. You open up the cap, stick in a lancet, close it up, pull back to prime the spring, and push a button. Repeat all over again for each finger stick. Except, in reality, most people don’t replace the lancet each time, even though you are supposed to.

Having trouble with your lancing device? Replace the lancet. Adjust the depth setting. Or, maybe buy a new lancing device!

The Fastclix Accu-Chek Lancing Device is Different

Accu-Check FastClix

I recently acquired a blood glucose test kit that included the Fastclix Accu-Check Lancing device, which sells on Amazon for about $15.

This device claims less pain, and I have to agree. It works a bit better than traditional lancing devices and hurts less.

With traditional lancing devices, sometimes I have to try twice or more — the first attempt doesn’t always reveal blood… This device seems to work on the first try more reliably.

However, it sounds like a stapler and the noise is kind of scary. It sounds scarier than it is!

If you don’t mind the stapler like sound, then I highly recommend. It does seem to make a small, precise hole… Often painless.

It uses a pre-loaded drum that contains 6 lancets, so if the lancet is dull, you can switch to a new one by sliding the lever. When finished with all 6 lancets, you replace the drum, instead of the individual lancet, which is easier.

The Care Touch Lancing Device is also very good.

The Care Touch device is the green one in the picture above. It sells for about $6 and it gets outstanding reviews. It’s also much quieter than the Accu-Check FastClix. I’m happy with it… just have to remember to change the lancet!

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