"Success with LADA Diabetes" by Lin May, ebook and paperback

New Book Announcement: “Success with LADA Diabetes”



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I am excited to announce the release of my book, “Success with LADA Diabetes: Achieving Optimal Health with Diet, Exercise, and Insulin.

This long awaited book draws upon my decade of experience living with LADA Diabetes and aims to cover a wide variety of important topics.

Book Description

Discover the hidden world of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) and take control of your health with this empowering book!

Did you know that an astonishing 20% of individuals initially diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes may actually be living with LADA? Despite its prevalence, LADA, also called “Diabetes Type 1.5”, remains largely unknown, leading to misdiagnosis, ineffective treatments, and unnecessary suffering. It’s time to unveil the realities of this condition and provide you with the resources to conquer its obstacles with confidence.

In this eye-opening book, Lin, an experienced LADA diabetes warrior, shares her personal journey and a decade’s worth of wisdom. By diving deep into the intricacies of LADA, she unravels its complexities and arms you with essential insights. Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

  • The LADA Difference: Understand the unique characteristics of LADA diabetes for accurate diagnosis and effective management.
  • The Unofficial Stages of LADA Diabetes: Navigate through the different stages of LADA diabetes, empowering you to adapt and thrive.
  • Why Treating Diabetes is Worth It: Explore the long-term benefits of managing LADA diabetes, improving your overall well-being.
  • Impact of Nutrition and Exercise: Delve into the vital role of diet and physical activity in managing LADA, and uncover practical tips to optimize your lifestyle.
  • Coping with Diabetes Stress: Discover practical coping skills to combat the emotional toll of living with LADA diabetes.
  • Managing Blood Glucose with Insulin: Learn how to effectively manage blood sugar levels through insulin treatment.
  • The Menstrual Cycle Connection: The linkage between female hormones and blood glucose.
  • Dealing with Depression and Diabetes: Strategies for managing diabetes while coping with depression.
  • Everyday Life with Diabetes: Practical solutions for enhancing your daily routine and confidently conquering special occasions.
  • Other Commonly Concurrent Autoimmune Diseases: Uncover potential coexisting autoimmune conditions.

Don’t miss your chance to take control of your LADA diabetes journey. With Lin’s guidance and a wealth of practical advice, you’ll pave your way to success. Get your copy of “Success with LADA Diabetes” today and embark on the path to optimal health!

Table of Contents

The LADA Diabetes Journey
From one patient to another
How to contact me
The LADA Difference
Type 1 versus Type 2 Diabetes
LADA or Type 1.5 Diabetes
Potential for Misdiagnosis
Getting a Correct Diagnosis
The Body Weight Connection
A Brief Intro to the Biology of Diabetes
Glucose Balance
Sweet Urine
Diabetic Ketoacidosis
My Story
My “I have Diabetes” Aha Moment
My Personal Misdiagnosis Story
Unofficial Stages of the LADA Diabetes Journey
Before Diabetes
Honeymoon Period
Highly Insulin Sensitive
Just Like Type 1
Why Treating Diabetes is Worth It
Long Term Health
The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)
Coping with Diabetes Stress
Why Diabetes is so Stressful
What you can do about the Stress
Monitoring your Blood Glucose
Become an Expert at Checking your Glucose
Choosing the right Glucose Meter
Glucose Meter Accessories
How to use a Blood Glucose Meter
When to Check your Blood Glucose
A CGM is Life Changing
Using a Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM)
Understanding the Effect of Diet
Deciding on the Best Diet Changes for Yourself
Real World Carb Counting
Intro to Counting Carbs
Trade Offs for the Food We Love
Replace some key foods
Enjoying Bread and Baked Goods
Find a low carb drink you enjoy
Alternatives to Breakfast Cereal
Embracing Insulin
Insulin, the solution that works
Discovery of Insulin
Basal and Bolus Insulin
Managing and Preventing Low Blood Glucose
Insulin Pumps
From MDI to Insulin Pump
Why I Love My Insulin Pump
What an Insulin Pump Really Is
The Transition from Insulin Shots to Insulin Pump
How to Do Unreasonable Math
All About Calibration
Limitations of Auto Mode
Take Precautions when Flying
Tech Failure
Optimizing your Blood Glucose with Insulin
The A1C Measurement
Focusing on a New Measurement: Time in Range
Exercise Makes a Real Impact
Finding an Exercise that Makes you Happy
Finding the best time to Exercise
Diabetes and Every Day Life
Small Changes are Noticed
Eating Out: Enjoying Food and Drinks
Recognize your Eating Patterns
How to get a full nights sleep
Making it Easier to Go Back to Bed
Doing All of the Things
What kind of day is it?
Female Hormones and Diabetes
Menstrual Cycle Variation
Whole Body Health
Dental Health
Dealing with Double: Depression and Diabetes
Yeast Infections
Other Autoimmune Disorders
Other Things to Know
How to give yourself great advice
Preserving Beta Cell Function
What about Metformin?
Medications to Watch Out For
Being Ready for Emergencies
The future
The Community
Recommended Books


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  1. Karen Ortiz

    Hi there

    Thanks for your website and the book. I’ve just been diagnosed with Lada thanks to my own research and a willing PCP who tested me.

    I was wondering if you have every tried going plant based. The Mastering Diabetes founders say if you go low fat whole food plant based you can increase insulin sensitivity. What do you think?

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