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Navigating the Munchies – Enjoying Cannabis



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This is the first in a series of blog posts about the intersection of cannabis and diabetes.

Side note: Cannabis goes by a lot of names, including marijuana, pot, and weed. I’m going to call it cannabis in this series, but it’s all the same thing. In the USA, legality varies by state. It may be illegal in your location. This post does not endorse illegal activity.

The munchies!

Perhaps the munchies are one of the most famous effects of cannabis use. The munchies can be a welcoming effect if you are suffering from a low appetite, or they can be an annoying effect if you already ate and are trying to watch your calorie intake.

The munchies may make you want to eat a lot of potato chips!

What can you do about the munchies?

Enjoy eating! It’s fun to eat while high!

But, what about diabetes? Ah, yes, diabetes.

First of all, not all cannabis stains have the munchies effect. So, if you dislike that effect, you may want to explore other strains and see if you can find one that has the effects that you want without the munchies. Leafly is a useful site for researching cannabis strains.

If you are going to enjoy the munchies, you can either:

  • Count the carbs and dose the appropriate amount of insulin, if you use insulin to treat your diabetes
  • Find low carb snacks to enjoy

Tips on keeping track of Carb intake

The issue with snacking is that it can get out of control. Those huge bags — how much did I eat? I’ll just take another handful…

  • Buy individual serving bags
  • Count chips or other snacks and place the counted amount in a bowl

Low Carb Alternatives for Satisfying the Munchies

Parmesan Crisps

Snack on crunchy cheese instead of potato chips by purchasing parmesan crisps! These Keto snacks with virtually zero carbohydrates won’t raise your blood glucose.

Nuts and Peanuts

While nuts do have some carbohydrates in them, they had a high ratio of fat and protein. I find that they require only a small amount of insulin, and they fill me up. If you’re desiring a salty snack, try some salted nuts!

Keto and Paleo Brownies

Keto snacks are generally low in carbohydrates. You may find keto brownies or other baked goods that are labeled as Keto or Paleo with surprisingly low carbohydrate content. These products typically use a low carbohydrate flour like almond flour. They often contain sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes. They may satisfy the high chocolate craving without spiking your blood glucose — hopefully! I’ve read that experiences can vary, so definitely monitor to see how you react. Personally, I avoid sugar substitutes so I don’t have any experience with these, but they look delicious. If you have an experience to share, please comment below!


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