Medtronic 670G Minimed Insulin Pump with BG Required Alert

Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump: Auto Mode BG Alert



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On my Medtronic 670G Insulin Pump, under auto mode settings, there is a setting to enable or disable “Auto Mode BG Alert.” I believe this setting is enabled by default, as it was enabled when I got the pump (or, perhaps, my diabetes trainer enabled it during the auto mode training session).

This setting controls whether the pump will alert when a blood glucose is required to stay in auto mode. I’ve found that if I disable this setting, the pump will go into safe mode with the “BG Required” message, as shown in the above photo.

Medtronic 670G Minimed Insulin Pump – Auto Mode Settings

Disabling “Auto Mode BG Alert” has reduced the number of insulin pump alerts I get while in auto mode. It hasn’t caused any issue for me, but seems advisable to talk to your doctor before disabling this alert. I’ve read that it can cause you to get bumped out of auto mode and into manual mode. It’s important to have a good manual mode basal rate set up correctly so that you will be safe if that happens.

I hope this brings attention to one way to reduce insulin pump alarms, since I know that the amount of alerts is one of the things people complain about with this insulin pump. If you’re needing more peace and quiet, talk to your doctor about this setting.

Hope this helps with reducing the beeps!

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