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Low Carb Lupini Pasta: My Honest Taste Test



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As the first leaves of November fall and we step into Diabetes Awareness Month, it’s not just about turning over a new leaf in the calendar; it’s about turning over new leaves in our kitchen too. Today, I’m taking you through a new chapter in my culinary diary—dabbling with Keto Lupini Pasta, a recent find on my quest for diabetes-friendly indulgences.

Embarking on a Pasta Alternative Experiment

Intrigued by the notion of a pasta that fits neatly into my low-carb lifestyle, I stumbled upon a unique ingredient—Lupini Pasta—available right on Amazon. A pasta that promises flavor without the carb overload is like a beacon for those of us navigating the waters of diabetes. (This is my second low carb pasta alternative experiment! I previously tried Banza Chickpea Pasta – see my blog post about that.)

The Ingredient That Piqued My Curiosity: Lupini Flour

Lupini beans, the star ingredient in the pasta, were a novelty to me. A bit of digging revealed that they’re legumes related to more familiar beans and pulses. They’re hailed for their low glycemic index and are packed with protein—a double win for someone managing LADA diabetes.

Taking the Leap with Lupini

Lupini flour, extracted from a heritage bean, packs a punch with protein and fiber while keeping the carbs at bay. It’s a promising option for those of us carefully timing our insulin doses to match our meals. Could this be the pasta that doesn’t send my CGM graphs into a frenzy? There was only one way to find out.

The Taste Test: A Cheesy Tuna Noodle Adventure

Armed with a recipe for a creamy tuna noodle casserole, I embarked on a culinary quest. As a software developer by trade, I’m no stranger to following protocols to a T, and this was no exception. I added a full tablespoon of salt to the pasta water, deviating from my usual routine, all in the name of following the packet instructions precisely for this new-to-me pasta alternative.

A Fork in the Road: Texture Meets Taste

I was rooting for this pasta to win my heart. The seasonings I added—sharp cheese, onion, garlic, pepper, and others—melded beautifully, creating a flavor profile that sang with each bite. Yet, the culinary standing ovation was cut short. The texture of the noodles, which didn’t withstand the casserole’s long bake, made me rethink its role in such dishes. For those considering Lupini Pasta for a casserole, I’d hold off—this actor is best cast in a different scene.

So, a tip from my table to yours: save this pasta for a simple toss with your favorite sauce instead of baking it into a casserole.

The Verdict and Your Invitation to Taste

Though the casserole was a textural learning curve, the Lupini Pasta is not off my menu. It’s a food adventure waiting to happen, and I’m keen to give it another try—perhaps with a classic marinara or a pesto twist. If your curiosity is piqued, I invite you to embark on this taste test journey with me. Grab your own bag of Lupini Pasta on Amazon and see how it stands up to your favorite pasta dishes.

An Invitation to Continue the Conversation

As we celebrate the resilience and community within the world of diabetes this month, let’s not forget the joy that comes from discovering foods that fit into our healthful lifestyle. I’d love for you to join me in this discovery and share your own experiences. Could Lupini Pasta be your new favorite? Click through, give it a try, and let’s chat about it.

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Lupini Pasta Back of Packaging with Nutrition Info

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Here’s to finding that perfect plate—delicious, nutritious, and blood sugar conscious!

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Note: Always consult your healthcare provider before making changes to your diet or diabetes management regimen.

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