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After several years of writing about diabetes, I’ve decided to launch a site specifically about using an insulin pump. I’m calling this “Insulin Pump Life” and you can check out my new diabetes blog here.

I will still continue to post on this site, but my plan is to make this site focused on LADA diabetes and post my insulin pump related content on Insulin Pump Life.

Over the years, my LADA Diabetes has become more similar to Type 1. It’s always said on my medical chart that it is “treated as Type 1.” Now, I also relate to people with Type 1 and think of myself as someone with Type 1 Diabetes.

LADA Diabetes is a “slow-progressing form of autoimmune diabetes condition,” so depending on time of diagnosis and a myriad of other factors, a person with LADA may go months or years before needing insulin for treatment. For myself, at first I only needed insulin injections once a day, and then gradually, over time, I found that I also needed mealtime insulin. After doing multiple daily injections, I started to think about using an insulin pump. When my endocrinologist first diagnosed me as having LADA Diabetes, my doctor said that I was a “good candidate” for insulin pump therapy. However, I had absolutely no interest in using an insulin pump then. I also did not know anything about insulin pumps.

I imagine that my experience is not unlike many others. It’s quite a journey to go from not having diabetes, to taking medication for diabetes, to insulin injections, to using an insulin pump. My life has changed. I wrote a lot about that change on this site, and now I will continue to write both here and on my new insulin pump blog about life with diabetes. Hope you’ll follow along!

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