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Keto Nut Granola for Breakfast



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Last week at Costco I saw the word KETO while in the cereal aisle and I had to take a look! “Keto” is the latest hot keyword for anyone trying to manage their diabetes with a low carb diet. The Keto diet has become a popular diet recently and it’s very similar to the diet recommended for people with diabetes. It’s all about low carbohydrates!

Less carbohydrates means less insulin required and generally that means easier to control blood glucose.

Looking for a Spike-Free Meal? Try Keto

When I saw KETO calling my name in the cereal aisle, I picked up a large bag of Keto Nut Granola, Blueberry Cinnamon flavor.

The bag advertises only 3g net carbs per serving. I measured out 2 servings and added milk and counted up the carbs. Most of the carbs was in the milk I added. I expected that this granola might be bitter or boring, but it actually tasted sweet to me! I ate it both cold and hot. I recommend eating it hot.

I actually prepared it by putting it in milk and letting it sit in the fridge overnight. I like my granola soft. The popularity of “overnight oats” is what made me try this preparation. Note that there are no oats in this. The main ingredients are sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut chips, almonds, pecans, and blueberries. It does use Erythritol as a Sugar Alcohol which may have some effect on blood glucose.

Low Nut Granola Nutrition Facts

Two servings contains 10 grams of protein, making this a high protein breakfast to me. I carb counted, administered insulin before eating, and my blood glucose was nearly a straight line.

Usually my low carb, high protein breakfast is eggs and sausage or bacon. It’s nice to have an alternative. Would buy again.

I purchased this at Costco. It’s also available on Amazon in different sizes and flavors, including Cacao and Cinnamon Pecan. Buy online.

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