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Since getting the freestyle libre, I improved my time in range from being only 50-70% to now being 87% !!  Note that I am using a time in target range of 80-180 which is not the default.  However, for me, I felt it was a good goal.  You can change your time in target range in the Libre settings.  I’ll link out to some good resources before about what a target range should be and why time in target matters.

There are a lot of changes I’ve made to how I treat my LADA diabetes in just the two months since I purchase a freestyle libre.  The Libre gives me a ton of information about how I’m doing.

  • Increased my mealtime insulin.  I had an epiphany when I saw that if I give myself just a little more insulin, I can stay in target after meal!!
  • Taking a small dose of fast acting insulin in the morning, if my blood glucose is trending up.  Not every morning is the same, but sometimes there is a noticeable rise (“dawn phenonomen”).  By taking 0.5 to 1 units of humalog in the morning, as soon as I wake up, I can prevent the rise, and my blood glucose number is at a better place before eating breakfast.  (The Junior Humalog pen allows for half unit doses which is ideal here!)
  • Snack between meals.  By taking more mealtime insulin, I land at a lower number between meals.  This is when I eat a snack!  If my glucose level is at 120 and trending down, I’ll eat a snack with 15 grams of carbs.

So, basically, the Libre showed me that I could benefit from more insulin, and I was able to figure out the timing for that.  I also found that I can go to bed at night with a blood glucose of 130, and it stays good all night!!  I was afraid that it would dip too low, but it looks like my body is correcting that throughout the night!

I am certainly lucky here.  My body is probably still making some insulin, as my insulin requirements are low.  My experience with LADA is unique.

I would like to give credit to all of the wonderful people who share their experience with diabetes.  My success is helped by their advice.  I read a tip like “I eat fruit as a snack for a soft landing” and have really embraced that thinking.

Diabetes is not fun.  If you can figure out how to increase your time in target AND reward yourself with delicious treats or fun activities that use up a lot of blood glucose, do it!

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