Insulin Pump in my Pajama Pocket

How I sleep with my insulin pump



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I am a back and side sleeper. I sleep with my insulin pump clipped to my pajama pants pocket.

I once didn’t clip it to my pocket, and it fell out, as I must have rolled around in my sleep.

I currently only have one pair of pajamas with pockets in them, so I see myself buying more pajama pants with pockets in the near future. The pump can clip to a waistband but I don’t find that to be comfortable. The pump clip is pretty strong. It can clip to anything…

I sleep either on my back or on my right side (usually). I try to put the pump in the pocket that’s on the side of my body that the Guardian CGM sensor is attached to, since keeping those close together helps prevent transmission issues. I also prefer to put the pump in the pocket that’s not on the side I’m sleeping on. I try not to sleep on top of my pump.

I always calibrate my insulin pump before going to bed (including administering a correction bolus, if necessary), as this makes it less likely it will wake me up at night.. But, the pump has a mind of its own. We’re learning to live together…

insulin pump = need pockets!

Yes, you can clip the pump to just the waistband, or even to a shirt, but I find that putting it in a pocket AND clipping it to the pocket to be the most reliable and comfortable way to sleep with it. If you’d like to buy some clothing with pockets online, try searching Amazon for pajamas with pockets, or underwear with pockets.

Another option: Insulin Pump Thigh Case

The above insulin case is for the Medtronic 670G. It attaches to your leg. Available for sale on Amazon.



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