How can you make your weekend seem longer?



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I am going to tell you a tale about how my weekend started to feel longer… This is a post about psychology… Maybe there is something helpful in this for you!

About two years ago, I wrote about Sunday being Sensor Start Day. Starting a new sensor every week is a requirement for my diabetes self-care, as I use an insulin pump with a connected CGM. The insulin pump’s auto mode works very well and makes my life easier! Plus, I really love being able to see my blood glucose just by looking at my insulin pump screen…. But all of this requires me to start a new sensor every week…. Yes, diabetes is a lot of work!

Starting a new sensor is a bit of an interruption because it takes about 2-3 hours for the whole process between the time it takes to charge the transmitter and the warm-up period.

So, I used to spend a weekend morning doing this…

Fast forward two years, and now Friday is my sensor start day. Surprisingly, I am enjoying doing this on Friday because it’s something I don’t have to do on the weekend now.

The psychology of this is that it seems like my weekend is longer! Something I used to do on the weekend (first on Sunday, then on Saturday), has been moved to an event that happens during the week.

I didn’t purposefully choose to shift the day to Friday — that came about through a set of events like sensors not lasting the full 7 days (technology failure is part of life) — however, the surprising result is that it feels like my weekends are longer…

Is there something you always do on the weekend that you could move to the week? A change in routine could cause an unexpected psychology shift…


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