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Hamburger Salad for Me; Hamburgers for my family



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I am proud of the Hamburger Salad I made for myself. Not eating a bun with my hamburger really helped with keeping my blood glucose more stable. I ate some fries, but this was a 30-carb meal instead of a 70-carb meal, all because I didn’t eat a bun. I could bolus less and didn’t have a significant rise before bed. I didn’t even want to eat a bun. Bread is just filler and carbs that I don’t need.

Hamburger Salad Recipe

Everything you’d put on a hamburger! That makes gathering the ingredients easy!

This Hamburger Salad contains an entire hamburger patty with white cheddar cheese melted on it. It also includes lots of romaine lettuce, almost a whole tomato, sweet onion, shredded cheese, and jalapeno ranch dressing. The dressing has one carb per tablespoon. The tomato has about five carbs. This is a 6-carb salad.

Customize this to your liking! Add pickles, avocado, mushrooms, or anything else you like on your burger!

To make this even healthier, you could use a leaner cut of beef or substitute the jalapeno ranch dressing for a low-fat or homemade alternative. You could try using mustard and ketchup as a dressing!

Make this vegetarian by swapping out the hamburger patty with a portabello mushroom or veggie burger.

A key step in preparing this salad is to cut up the burger into small pieces, and also cut up the tomato, and mix it all up, so that the flavors mix.

This was delicious and easy!

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