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Glucose meters are usually available for purchase over the counter, without a prescription. However, if you have a prescription, you may be able to have your insurance company pay for the glucose meter and test strips. Going with your insurance company’s preferred brand may save you money.

If you want to buy a glucose meter directly, you may want to consider shopping online at Amazon or Walmart, where you may find more affordable options than buying at a pharmacy. However, most pharmacies do carry glucose meters so that’s definitely a great place to look for a glucose meter if you need to buy one right away.

Living with diabetes, I always have a glucose meter on me. In order to dose insulin correctly and keep myself safe, I need to be able to check my glucose. I do use a CGM now, but CGMs can fail or be inaccurate. Checking blood glucose gives a closer to real time result compared to CGM, so it’s helpful to use a glucose meter when blood levels are changing rapidly, or the CGM is warning of a low.

If affordability is your main concern, look for glucose meters that have low cost glucose test strips. Getting a great price on your supplies will really save you money.

If you like shopping on Amazon, the CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a great option because 100 strips costs about $27 currently. I’ve used this glucose meter and have found its accuracy to be in line with the better known brands.

If you are more concerned with getting a name brand meter and a meter that has a lot of features, then you may want to look into Bayer Contour Next Meter and the Accu-Check meters, which are both well known.

You can use any lancing device with any meter. I really like Accu-Check FastClix Lancing Device. If you are having a difficult time drawing a blood sample, you may want to consider switching lancing devices.

What are your experiences with glucose meters? Do you have a preferred model? Any that you would recommend against? Share in the comments below!

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