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Gift ideas for People with Diabetes



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Are you looking for a gift for someone with diabetes?  Here, I’ll compile a few of my thoughts.  Since being diagnosed with diabetes about five years ago, I’ve received some gifts that were chosen because I’m diabetic.

Truthfully, what to buy someone with diabetes could be answered with:  Buy them something that they’ll like.  Just avoid gifts that are high in sugar (candy, ice cream, cake) and also generally high carbohydrate foods (like bagels) should be avoided.  These kinds of foods make taking care of one’s diabetes harder, which isn’t a gift… The holidays can be a difficult time of the year for someone with diabetes, as the temptations of Christmas cookies and candy abound!

Food Gift Ideas for People with Diabetes

I like buying food as a gift because it’s a gift that is consumed and won’t clutter up the house for years on end!   I do have some suggestions for people with diabetes.

Nuts Gift Basket

Nuts Gift Basket – Nuts are a great snack food for someone with diabetes, as they contain a low number of carbohydrates!

Paleo Waffle and Pancake Mix – These paleo pancakes are delicious!  Baked goods are usually high in carbohydrates, but this pancake mix is made from almond flour and cassava starch, so it’s high in fiber and low in carbs!

High Protein Snacks Gift Box – Here’s an assortment of high protein, low sugar, snacks!  Check out the similar items as well.

Diabetes Lifestyle Gift Ideas

Exercise is good for anyone with diabetes.  Can you think of a sport related gift?  What are they doing for exercise?  For example, if they’re into bike riding, maybe look into some bike related gifts.   What about a new bicycle?  How about a badminton set?  What kind of activities will they enjoy?  Buy them something that will encourage them to be active and that will help their diabetes!

Fitness Tracker – It might be fun to have a fitness tracker that reports steps walked, calories burned, and hours slept.  On the other hand, maybe the person has enough with just tracking their diabetes and wouldn’t like a fitness tracker.  Hmm… What do you think?

Book Ideas

Books make good gifts!

The Complete Diabetes Cookbook – I’d especially recommend cookbooks for people who love to cook who are newly diagnosed with diabetes.

The best book I’ve read about treating diabetes type 1 with insulin is: Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin This book is also useful for people with LADA if they are using insulin to treat it.


Here are a few t-shirt designs that are very positive.  This first one would be perfect for a lady.  It says “UNBREAKABLE” and “diabetes warrior.”

Diabetic Warrior T-Shirt

A Day in the Life of Diabetes

This shirt is full of emojis!

Homemade Gifts are a Great Option!

Hand Painted Rock
This painted rock has two sheep and says “Ewe’s Not Fat. Ewe’s Fluffy.” It’s a one-of-a-kind item.

A home made gift takes longer than a store bought one, but may cost less and be treasured longer.  This painted rock is special to me because of its origin.  What can you make?

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