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Here are some diabetes related links I bookmarked awhile ago, that I found interesting and maybe you will too.

On the search for a cure

New Study Flips the Script on Cause of Type 1 Diabetes Diabetes Research

Our findings show that type 1 diabetes results from a mistake of the beta cell, not a mistake of the immune system,” said Roep

Living with Diabetes

Managing baseball, diabetes: ‘It’s with me for life’ by Jesus Jimenez (July 2017)

Somogyi Effect and Dawn Phenomenon – A WebMD article about morning blood glucose patterns.

Writing about Diabetes

My Healing Diabetes Blog by Newsweek Staff

This author’s story resembles mine in a lot of ways.  First weight loss and feeling tired, and then the diabetes diagnoses.  She blogged about her experience.

DiabetesMine Blog – Lots of high quality content, now part of healthline.


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