Doing an insulin shot at the restaurant



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So, I’ve reached another milestone…. I now do insulin shots in public.  I previously would always go to the bathroom.

Most people are too busy paying attention to themselves to notice.

I try to do it expertly, quickly, partially hidden from view under the table…  I do it only after I get the meal and I try to time it so that I’m not doing it at the same time that the server is at the table.  That means, maybe not at the very first bite of food.  To make it more natural, I take a few bites first, and sometimes I wait until after the waiter/waitress has checked to see how the food is.

It’s like doing a magic trick

When everyone has their food and is eating, they aren’t paying much attention to you.  I like to do it unnoticed.  I don’t want to draw attention to that I’m doing it.  It’s a personal thing and I’m kind of shy.

Do what is comfortable for you

I’m not always going to do it in public.  Because sometimes I want to do it in private.  But I also feel that giving an insulin shot shouldn’t be something we hide.  It’s far too important to be a hidden activity.

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