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🎉 Do you celebrate your diabetes anniversary?



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Diabetes anniversary or diaversary is a day that a lot of people with diabetes celebrate.

Sometimes, even with cakes.


Celebrate being alive, celebrate what you have accomplished, celebrate the hard work, the things you have overcome, and celebrate being the unique individual you are. 🙌

How about a Diaversary Cake?

This boy got what he wanted: A Freestyle Libre Diabetes Cake.

Do you have a pumpaversary to celebrate?

Celebrate insulin pump anniversary too!

How will you celebrate?

Dealing with diabetes can be hard. A diabetes anniversary is a perfect way to show some love for yourself, acknowledge what you’ve been through, and recognize where you are at.

I love seeing the cakes and other creative ways people celebrate. I love seeing life being celebrated.

More Celebrations from People on Twitter

What level are you on? How long has it been?

Type 1 Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin. We all need insulin to stay alive, so the treatment is insulin shots or insulin via an insulin pump. It’s a lot to learn how to do, and life changing. Some people get Type 1 Diabetes at a very young age and have been living with it for many years.

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