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  • How can you make your weekend seem longer?

    How can you make your weekend seem longer?

    I am going to tell you a tale about how my weekend started to feel longer… This is a post about psychology… Maybe there is something helpful in this for you! About two years ago, I wrote about Sunday being Sensor Start Day. Starting a new sensor every week is a requirement for my diabetes…

  • Are you punishing yourself?

    Are you punishing yourself?

    Mental health is an important as diabetic wellness. I’m serious. What’s the point of having a great A1C if you end up committing suicide? As someone who has struggled with mental health, and have had episodes of depression, I’ve learned to become aware of my self talk. One thing I noticed is that sometimes it…

  • How Stressful is Diabetes?

    How Stressful is Diabetes?

    One of the reasons I slow down on writing this blog is that diabetes is stressful! While I think it’s important to share my experiences to help others, there are certainly days where I just want to live my life and not think about diabetes. Unfortunately, there is never a day or even a single…