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Are you punishing yourself?



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Mental health is an important as diabetic wellness. I’m serious. What’s the point of having a great A1C if you end up committing suicide?

As someone who has struggled with mental health, and have had episodes of depression, I’ve learned to become aware of my self talk. One thing I noticed is that sometimes it was negative. My dialogue was like:

“I want to do ____.”

“No, you can not do ____ because of ____.”

My self talk was full of reasons of why I couldn’t do something. One day, I had the realization that I was punishing myself unnecessarily. I have since then tried to tell myself “yes” more.

What are your thought patterns? Do you hear yourself saying “no” frequently?

Is the no in your best interest? Is it reasonable? When you hear it, can you pause and adjust your self talk to be more positive and encouraging?


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