Alternatives to Oval Tape for Medtronic Guardian Sensor CGM



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The Guardian Sensor for the Medtronic CGM system comes with oval tape. The instructions explain how to apply oval tape to the transmitter and sensor. This oval tape is clear and may not stick for the full 7 days.

A lot of people use other types of tape on their Guardian CGM. Sometimes it’s because the oval tape is difficult to apply, or because it comes off easily, or because they have a skin reaction to it. There are lots of different reasons to try a different type of tape. Here are some recommendations.

With all tape, it needs to be applied a few hours before getting it wet, so plan ahead for pool time! You may want to take a “naked” shower and put on a new sensor after that shower.

In addition to choosing a different kind of tape, another recommendation I frequently see is a product called Skin Tac. It’s a liquid adhesive that can be applied under the tape to increase adhesion. Skin Tac can also be used to help keep insulin pump infusion sets in place as well.

Tegaderm Transparent Film

Tegaderm is a popular alternative tape for CGMs

Tegaderm film is supposed to really adhere well and not irritate the skin. It may be available at your local Walgreens, CVS, or other pharmacy. It’s usually next to bandaids and other first aid bandages, as it is used for a dressing for wounds. If you want to buy online, you can purchase from Amazon here.


Simpatch pre-cut adhesive patch

Simpatch is available in tan, black, purple, and purple colors. Buy here.

It is made out of breathable fabric and is designed to last a long time. I first bought it for my Freestyle Libre, but the Libre was so sticky that I found that I didn’t need it. It does also work for the Guardian 3 CGM.


Hypafix Tape

I have read that Hypafix is great for people with sensitive skin and for those allergic to adhesives. It is supposed to stay on when swimming and sweating. Additionally, it is easy to remove if you need to take the transmitter off to recharge it or extend the sensor. You can read the reviews and a buy a roll of it on Amazon.

So many options for your Guardian CGM

Above, is a photo I took today of my Guardian 3 Sensor and Transmitter on my arm. I have just the transmitter covered with GrifGrips tape. I am using Medtronic oval tape on the sensor. The GrifGrips tape is easy to remove, so this makes extending the sensor easier. I’ve recently learned that extending sensors is possible by removing just the transmitter when the sensor expires. I re-charge the transmitter and tell it that I have a new sensor, but instead I re-connect to my old sensor.

I bought a roll of GrifGrips tape after my diabetic educator gave me a sample. When we inserted my sensor, I started bleeding. The bleeding stopped and my sensor worked fine, but it looked ugly. So my instructor cut a piece of the tan colored GrifGrips tape which is close to my skin tone, and this covered up the red blood color.

You can turn your CGM into a decoration… Browse the below sites for some awesome patterns.

  • GrifGrips Tape – Created by a family with a son with Diabetes Type 1, they advertise their tape as being great for activity! Lots of fun designs!
  • Sugar Patch – Looking for something that looks less “medical”? Designs of all kinds here! This is a small family business by a lady with diabetes and you can shop their huge selection of designs!


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