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2020 is many things. For me, it’s the first full year of writing about my diabetes on the internet. I’ve published 60 blog posts, including 18 posts in the Insulin Pump Life category. 16 of those posts are specifically about the Medtronic Minimed 670G Insulin Pump.

The post I most want you to read is “How Getting an Insulin Pump is like a new puppy: A 3 month review.

Now that I’ve had my insulin pump even longer, it is an even more harmonious relationship. I still want to write more though. I’ve got to compile my thoughts on what living with this tech really means. I’m very grateful for it but there are limitations and struggles still.

The post that gives the most background on my LADA diabetes history is My Stages of LADA Diabetes. It discusses how I was healthy pre-diagnosis, was misdiagnosed and how I finally got the right treatment. (The right treatment is insulin!!)

When I started this blog, I didn’t have an insulin pump. Before the insulin pump, it was just fingersticks and multiple daily injections. I wrote about doing an insulin shot in a restaurant. In that post, I talk about trying to do it without being seen, but I think at least once I was actually observed doing it. I need insulin to live and before having an insulin pump, shots were how I had to do it. The shots need to be timed right before meals. It’s rather inconvenient, of course.

I also wrote 6 posts about the Freestyle Libre CGM including a post about the cost of the Freestyle Libre 14 day Blood Glucose Monitoring system.

Really, it’s the CGM that got me interested in getting an insulin pump. Once I could SEE my glucose on a graph, I wanted an easier way to control it.

I hope you find something interesting here in this year summary blog post. Of course, it will depend on where you are in life’s journey on which blog post you’ll find more relevant… I hope that you do gain some new insight here and perhaps are encouraged.

I got 143 visitors in the last week, and on some days I suspect this site gets more bot visitors leaving spam comments than actual human visitors. So thank you for reading this!

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